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Trivia Night – The Anti-K.T.s

My friend Katie has been going to trivia night’s at the Auld Shebeen pretty much since she moved here. Last night (since I haven’t seen her in months!), I finally decided to join her and her friend Justin who was in from Alabama. (Funny how I see Justin more than some of my own friends and he lives in Alabama!!)

It took us a while to come up with a name for the night (The Anti-K.T.s) but once we got our trivia sheet, were pretty much on a roll…well, sorta. Pippi Longstocking and 3 out of 4 of the Commonwealths were easy to come up with…but the name of Kathy Lee Gifford’s husband (Mr. Gifford?) and anything else having to do with sports took a while longer!

We were stumped with the alcohol related questions, and could even draw that English bottle of gin with the funny hat guys on it…but it took until almost the very end for the word “Beefeater” to mysteriously come to me!

We scored an acceptable 23 out 0f 30 (the winners had 28 each…and significantly larger teams!).

Evidently Katie’s car hated that we lost as much as we did. It decided to go crazy on her when she tried to open it with her key because the battery in her fob died.  (Remember how we used to do that in the old days?). The alarm went off every time she tried to get in. Poor KtF!

And as usual…Justin got stuck holding the purse.

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