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School Days, Here again!

Yesterday, for the 18th time in my life, I bundled up my books and notebooks and headed off for the first day of class.

I’m taking a class this semester just as a refresher (hopefully!), but I couldn’t help but feeling the same anxious/excited feel I felt during so many August/September days in my life.

First, I headed to the bookstore. Oh how I’ve missed the bookstore! I’ve stepped foot in it many times over the last four years (usually just to buy college swag for other people), but I had never ventured downstairs to the where the actual books are kept. Oh how I missed those tall shelves! I love the organization – alphabetically by department then in number order for class. Do I buy new or used? Or now, rent??

I headed into a silent classroom (does no one speak on the first day?) and found a seat near a corner. For the first half of class, we were asked to write an essay (yes…WRITE! by hand! I’d almost forgotten how). Even more nostalgic, the essays were written in blue books.

I had no idea these were still used.

I wonder who invented blue books… I wonder why they’re blue…

I finished my essay way before the end of the time limit…but like probably half a dozen others in the class…didn’t want to be the first one to turn it in.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 8 years since I graduated. It seems so long ago…and yet…not really! It’s all still very much the same while so different.

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