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Have You Had Your Annual Check up? (Or haircut?)

I consider myself to be a rather low maintenance, easy-going person. I keep my hair short so that I can just let it grow for months before having to deal with again. Normally, I cut it twice a year, around May or June, and again in September or October.

When given the chance to have the cost of my haircut ($42) donated to support research and awareness for ovarian cancer, I couldn’t turn it down.

I first heard about the promotion at Bang from the “Man about town” Bob Madigan (funny how I still can’t hear this man’s voice without remembering him falling through the rotting risers at a White House Tree lighting).

Several years ago, my father’s “favorite female first cousin” (of which he has one!) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

She was by far the biggest support and motivator that Dad had while he was sick. She taught us three things about living with cancer:

  1. Surround yourself with happy people. If someone can’t do anything but cry and talk doom, they’re not worth spending your energy on.
  2. Don’t google! No one lives or dies by statistics.
  3. Never forget to laugh.

So for Joanie, and every other woman battling this disease, this haircut’s for you!

Although Dino and his scalp massage and blow dry were TOTALLY worth the donation!

And to every woman reading this blog, have you had your annual yet??

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