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A Weekend of Finishing

Considering I did absolutely nothing on Saturday, I had a fairly productive weekend of getting stuff done.

I’ve always had a love of paper and perhaps for this reason, I was the person chosen to inherit all scraps of wrapping paper. Sometimes this was a weird thing to get, but other times, I got amazing vintage patterns from my grandmother and great-aunt. But what sould I do with all this paper? It’s not really something I’d want to just use up for a task that would then require it to be ripped to shreds…

Fabric scraps and ribbons...now living so neatly on top of my sewing cabinet! And yes, that's me in the background wearing my grandmother's dress.

When looking for unique storage solutions in my sewing room…I finally figured out a task. And my boyfriend and mother have probably wondered what was up with the empty coffee and peanut containers that I couldn’t throw away…but now, my grandmother (and grandfather!) would probably be so proud!

Bits of ribbon and scraps of fat quarters are now living so neatly in vintage paper covered cans! It took more time than I thought to get the hang of this (old paper cracks when it’s pulled too tightly, so getting a good flat surface was hard!)

Just imagine how pretty Grandma could have made her doggie feed cans! (but that’s a whole other story)

While going through boxes and bags in my sewing room, I came upon this dresser scarf that was only half-finished (who knows how long ago, or by whom!)

It was a task to find floss to match (and maybe even more of a task since the original colors brightened when I washed it), but I finished this as well! It seems to be either someone’s first, or last project. The needle work was done by someone either very inexperienced or nearly blind, but it was fun to finish! Now I’ll just have to send it to mom to get the rust stains out (NEVER leave a metal hoop on your work if you’re not working it!)

Sunday afternoon, I hit Occoquan, one of my favorite places to walk around. I thought it was supposed to be really nice out, but I guess all that is relative in a summer where 50 days have been above 90 degrees! I was HOT! But the shops were fun as always.

When Mom visited me in March I’d seen a hook I really liked in the shop Elements. And wouldn’t you know it? They only had one left. It was meant for me, right?

I’d been wanting the hook to hang aprons on in my kitchen, thus, finishing my kitchen!

I spent nearly an hour searching my house (from basement to bedroom and back again, many times!) looking for my aprons. I couldn’t remember if I’d seen them in a box in my room or my sewing room… Just as I was about to give up (and had called out to St. Anthony a billion times), I found them sitting, neatly folded, on a shelf of my wine rack. RIGHT under the new hook. Oy.

My last task of finishing for the weekend was last night, I finished the first pillow case for my pillowcase dresses! This must be a record finishing time for me. It usually takes me months, or even a year to finish something like this! I think I did it in about a month.

Now to just get the measurements of the girl I’ll make it for a do a little sewing! I even bought fun ribbon on sale a couple weeks ago to use for the top.

Here’s to hoping there’s a lot more finishing coming up soon!

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  1. Lara Allen
    August 9, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    I’m reading and commenting for Lara. If Grandma had decorated her doggie feed cans that fancy, Missy would have thought she was getting gourmet food.

    Dee Dee

    • August 9, 2010 at 2:07 pm

      I think Missy DID think doggy feed was gourmet. Only us humans with a decent sense of smell found it completely disgusting…

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