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Happy Artwork, Happy Friday!

Brigie's Rainbow!

I thought I’d continue posting things from my walls at work today.

Today’s topic, happy artwork.

Just as I love giving homemade gifts, so do my niece and nephew. About two years ago for my birthday they surprised me with a present. They each gave me paintings (and additionally, Joseph gave me a penny, which I thought was just the sweetest thing ever coming from a five year old!)

I love having these up at work to brighten a dark corner of my office.

Brigid painted a bright rainbow. Joseph painted a picture of Granny and Papa’s house, complete with Henry the dog and his dog house. Also notice, this was the time when Papa had his modified mohawk and his hairstyle couldn’t be more accurate!

You’ll notice improvements in Joseph’s art over time. (He’s also had his work displayed for the public!) He gave me another picture this winter after the feet and feet of snow we received. This time, *I* actually made it into the picture! Along with the Boyfriend (he loves this picture because of how thin he appears). And I think the scale of all the people in it was pretty much spot on. I want to know why Charles and I had to stand and watch in the cold (I know it’s cold, can’t you see our breath?) while only Joseph got to have fun sledding down the hill…

Someday soon, I want to get drawings from the kids to turn into embroidery projects. I think we have some real true artists on our hands!

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  1. eileen o'brien poole
    August 6, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    your family certainly does have some budding artists! i took some pix of their drawings (this past spring) with every intention of making magnets for them to put on their ‘frig … get it? … their art work – holding up their art work. yeah, i really should get on that, but i’m having so much fun ‘doing summer’.

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