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Happy Friday, Happy Wedding

So, I thought my blog could use a happy celebratory post.

So in the spirit of family and happiness, let’s celebrate Jeannine and Andrew’s wedding…again!

I will use her wedding as an example of why my cousins are so fun and how weddings can be totally awesome.

Cousin Emily and Somebody's Pretty Mom!

1. Bridesmaids dresses that … OMG! …the BMs CAN actually wear again! From their save the date to their wedding location, Jeannine’s love of trees and all things natural was so evident. And who knew that could even carry over to her BMs dresses! (which were all different, but went SO well together!)

2. DIY touches. Nearly all the flowers (which were amazing!) were hydrangeas grown by the father of the bride. Maybe I’m biased because they’re one of my favorites, but they looked amazing!

BM and Sister Emily also made all the bridesmaids jewelry.

And MOB Eileen did all the center pieces. It really was a family affair!

2. A dress that twirls. What’s the first thing most little girls do when they try on dresses? Spin around to figure out the twirl factor. (at least that’s what I always did!) What little girl doesn’t dream of long poofy dresses that TWIRL!?

3. Food that’s not too fancy. I didn’t gain my svelt figure by not being a fan of buffets. Comfort food and an open bar (I’m not to snobby to drink the first foamy beer from a keg) go a long way toward upping the level of “comfort.”

4. Scrumptious cake! Thank you Jeannine for not wanting to cover up a perfectly lovely cake with layers of fondant. I’m not sure who invented this substance and thought it was deemed edible, but IMO, it ruins a perfectly wonderful dessert. Jeannine’s cake was made by a friend and each layer was just a little bit different. And hey, if there’s that much fruit on it, it’s perfectly healthy, right?

And remember the mention of the tree theme? Carried beautifully right through to the cake.

5. Probably the most important thing…Cousins, Cousins, and yes, some more Cousins!

I didn’t grow up in a family that danced a lot…but I can remember the first time I hit a dance floor…I was 10 and it was at an irish cousin’s wedding. This family wasn’t afraid to dance (even if some of us aren’t particularly good at it…). Because really, if you can’t have fun (and sometimes make a fool out of yourself) in front of your family…who can you really have fun with?

Also always welcome from the cousins…Impromptu performances of any kind. One cousin was pulled to the mic to introduce the bridal party, another took a chance at leaving the beer line to give this harmonica solo. The solo was so good, people hardly noticed it was going on until it was almost over! (and yes…I was kind enough to save his place in the bar line!)

I was also kind enough to inform my cousin of the golden rule — Brides don’t wait in lines.

There are very few things in life that give you the pass to skip ahead of a group of thirsty wedding-goers…but the big white dress (bonus points if it twirls!) is just the ticket.

6. Especially if the wedding is in July (and yes, even if it’s in New England) bring cleavage coolers. The bride and all female guests will thank you! Mom and I found these magical little squares of cloth at the Museum in Winchester. They may have saved the night! (Although cousin Johnny thought they were a little inappropriate.)

Thanks again cousins for oh so many more happy memories of you all!

And most of all, congrats to Jeannine and Andrew.

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  1. Jeannine
    July 30, 2010 at 10:42 am

    Wow! That was fun! Thanks Mary!!

  1. March 30, 2011 at 1:28 pm
  2. July 13, 2011 at 8:27 am

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