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New Food Gadget, Digital Scale

So, years ago when I restarted one of my plans to lose weight, I gave in and bought a weight scale thinking it could help me be more accountable.

Well, lazy me took to storing the thing on top of the toaster oven and didn’t realize that would cause the base to melt and the switch between oz. and grams (which for some reason was on the bottom) to no longer function.

I’ve been on an Overstock.com kick lately (where I also ordered my new camera charger…which should arrive soon!). I found the weighmax chrome digital food scale.

I have only a few requirements for scales. They must

  • Be digital
  • Be small
  • Weigh in ounces and grams

I took it out last night and used it for the first time to weigh Triscuits. It was definetly smaller than I imagined. The sort of triangular base makes it take up much less room on the counter.

A trick I learned a while ago from my Weight Watchers leader Wayne is to always use grams when possible when measuring food (and measure by weight whenever possible!).

The serving size on the side of a Triscuits box is marked at 28 grams or 6 crackers. Well, when I weighed them out by grams, I actually got 10 crackers! Why have they been cheating me all these years??

Now, I can only imagine what the thing will do for me in terms of pasta and ice cream.

As long as I don’t melt this gadget too…

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