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Tasty Tuesday – And What Lima Beans Taught me about Being a Good Aunt

As a kid, one of our favorite places to spend a day or two when Mom needed time to herself was with Giggie, my great-aunt.

Giggie spoiled us rotten, but hardly ever had a dime to her name. She lived simply and didn’t even have a driver’s license, but anything she could give to us she did.

Now as an aunt of 10, I’m forever thankful for her influence. She taught me to

1. Always wear beads around babies. You’ll never have to fumble for a toy or teething ring if there are

beads around your neck that babies and little kids can play with. And they’re more likely to wrap their little arms around you if they’re looking for the end to the “toy” they’re playing with!

2. Even nickels and pennies can seem like incredible treasure to little kids.

3. Sometimes, the best presents aren’t the bought ones. It’s the things that people you love dearly make with their own hands and pass on to you. Some of my favorite belongings are worth little or no money. They’re the baby blanket Giggie made me (only in the 70s and 80s would it be cute to sew a baby sleeping under a giant mushroom) and the afghans she sewed later in life. And the amazing needlework she made that hangs in my living room now.

One Cookie Won't Ruin the Child!

4. Mom and Dad aren’t *always* right. When my oldest nephew was put in time out once for sneaking a cookie before Christmas dinner…Giggie went and got him a cookie and took it to him as he was being reprimanded. Why? The baby wanted a cookie. And would one cookie really hurt?? 🙂

5. A little bit of sugar goes a long way.

I never liked many vegetables…especially lima beans. But Giggie’s lima beans were SO good! They were perfectly cooked and never too crunchy. And there was just something about them that made them tasty…

It wasn’t until after she died that I found out from my grandmother…it was a touch of sugar.

Giggie’s lima beans, like everything that Giggie touched, were made just a little bit sweeter than anyone else’s.

  1. July 22, 2010 at 11:24 am

    Well, you’ve got me curious. How do you cook the lima beans? 😀 Post & pics, please?

    • July 22, 2010 at 11:35 am

      I boiled them low and slow, added a Tbsp of butter and maybe a teaspoon of sugar. I must have cooked them for close to an hour before they were soft enough though.

      I admit I didn’t take a photo because really, do lima beans ever look appetizing?!

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