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I love me some Healthy Delicious

It’s a recent goal of mine to attempt cooking at least one meal from scratch a week…optimally on Monday so I have fresh leftovers for lunch during the week. I used to LOVE to cook and did it almost nightly…I’m not really sure what happened to that.

Last night I had every intention of making Healthy Delicious’ Orzo Salad with Shrimp. But, Boyfriend wanted to go out for sushi and I wasn’t feeling so hot, so that sounded like a perfect plan.

So instead of being a review this week, Tasty Tuesday will feature my plan for tonight. I will tackle the salad, but of course I can’t follow a recipe. There will be changes!

I do 99% of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and they don’t sell plain orzo. So I’ll be subbing it for an Israeli couscous/orzo/quinoa mix. And I’m sort of sick of feta so I might try goat cheese instead.

Check back tomorrow for the actual review!


My abbreviated version of Healthy Delicious'

I didn’t make the full recipe last night because of a death in the family and not really feeling like stopping to get the rest of the ingredients on my way home. But the recipe was a good foundation for a salad I pulled together with what I had.

Part of the fun in making this was getting to use the great colander my mom got me from Home Goods (she got the dish there for me for Christmas too).

Cooking for one can sometimes be such a chore because of the amount of dishes involved, but when I have cute pieces just the right size for one, I find it way more fun!

I used the couscous/orzo mix and boiled it in about 50/50 water/lemon juice (any ideas how I can keep things like this and rice from getting stuck to the bottom of the pan when I boil them??).

I added about 3 servings of shrimp to four servings of couscous. I added halved grape tomatoes, a splash of balsamic vinaigrette and salt, pepper and dill to taste. It was pretty yummy!

Leave a comment if you tried the full recipe. It will remain on my to do list until I finally make the real version!

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